Starch Solution Meals for Maximum Weight Loss ep 7

Its time for another episode on plant based weight loss! Its all about a simple Whole Foods plant based diet. In this video im showing you a full day of meals and how easy it is to eat this way. Im almost 70lbs lighter than I used to be and I was able to clear up a host of health issues when I switched to a whole food plant based diet.

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“Your body in balance” By Dr. Neal Barnard :

“The Starch Solution” By Dr. John mcdougal:

Bamboo Steaming Basket:

Ring for basket:

Napa valley balsamic vinegar you can find in most stores:

The Balsamic vinegar I use:

Cheese Sauce video:

sweet potato waffles:
1 cooked sweet potato
4 tbsp oat flour
if your waffle iron sticks then either add more flour to make more of a dough or just have sweet potato with banana cinnamon topping.
if you are going to brave the waffle iron then make sure you let it cook enough or it will stick.

Maple Mustard Dressing:
equal parts maple syrup and dijon mustard, this morning I squeezed a little orange in it to brighten it up.

Tater tots:
2-26 oz bags of oil free hash browns
1 cup chopped steamed kale (optional)}
2 tsp garlic
1 tsp onion powder
You can salt after they cook if you want
Steam potatoes for 5-10 minutes
add to bowl and mix in all ingredients. once mixture is cool enough to handle then form tater tots and place in air fryer or on parchment lined baking sheet. Air fry on 400 for 25-30 minutes or bake on 425 for 35-45 minutes.

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21 thoughts on “Starch Solution Meals for Maximum Weight Loss ep 7”

  1. Question: so on the placemat picture you showed… are you supposed to do fruit separate serving or is it considered as part of your non starchy veggies like it’s shown in the picture? And let’s talk about the plate size lol 😂 this is super picky but I am curious. Lol

  2. I really like your channel! I'm 64 years young and down 25 lbs for health reasons to a healthy bmi, bur I'm ready to try for another 10 lbs. I ordered the Starch Solution Book and watched your videos, and I've learned some things I can easily change to make that happen! Thank you and keep making those great videos!

  3. I am so happy that I found your channel!!! I just started with the starch "diet". Your videos are a big and amazing help!! Thank you so much 🙂 By the way, is it possible for you to let me know the link (maybe on Amazon) where you bought your bamboo (?) plate? That would be great. Take care!!

  4. I have always eaten kale in a mixed salad or in a smoothy. I made the steamed kale dish today with the salad dressing and orange. Wow. You are right soooo good. Will be having this dish more often. Great break from everyday salad. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Kiki, thank you so much for these great videos. I need some suggestions please! I've been doing this WOE for about a month and I just bounce back and forth between about 3-4 lbs. I've been doing the 50/50 plate and I am getting discouraged. I am 67 and lost over 70 lbs doing KETO. Then we had a family tragedy and I gained about 20 lbs back, eating my grief. I realize that KETO was not a long term solution and I feel better about the WFPB WOE. Is it possible I'm eating too much fruit? I'm not eating avocados or nuts and stay away from oils and sugar. Please give me some suggestions. I don't want to get so discouraged that I just start eating out of control. Thank you so much for these videos! I really enjoy them. You are a sweet lady! <3

  6. Kiki … I'm soooo frustrated and feel so fed up with failing. It feels like I've been trying to get to a 'lower' healthy weight and just keep failing and failing x 1,000,000. I follow a 100% plant based diet and lower in fat (5%) diet, but my appetite is huge. I also find that sometimes, potatoes make me feel nauseous so I can't eat them all of the time. Also, after dinner snacks … my husband eats chips … what other than fruit & veggies could you suggest? I know my sense of happiness is very much tied to my self image and how I feel about my body. Do you know of any followers or resources that are 55+ and are experiencing this as well?

  7. I have been binge watching your YouTube videos everyday! It has helped me during this time now that I am home to really focus on regaining my health. I cant thank you enough for the helpful videos. Now that my kids are seeing me eat this way, they are even more interested than ever to eat this way too. You're a great inspiration and I cant wait for the cookbook! Sending love from Toronto! Also, your cheese sauce is 👌💯😁

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