Sprouted Ragi flour mudde | Ragi mudde using home made ragi flour | Sprouted ragi flour mudde

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Ragi has a low glycemic index and is high in dietary fiber. It improves digestion, helps in controlling diabetes, and aids in weight loss. It is a rich source of iron, calcium, Vitamin D, and amino acid. It helps in battling anemia and also anxiety and insomnia.

Benefits in kids:
The amount of dietary fiber in ragi promotes digestion and helps your child stay full for a longer time.
The amino acids present in ragi do away with the excess fat around the liver and reduce cholesterol levels in a child’s body, thus, keeping obesity at bay(away)

Can ragi be sprouted?

Yes ragi can be sprouted in a process of 24hrs, including soaking

Benefits of sprouted ragi

Once ragi are allowed to sprout, the vitamin C levels increase and lead to further absorption of iron into the bloodstream. Natural relaxant – The ample amount of amino acids and antioxidants in ragi helps the body relax naturally. Common ailments like anxiety, insomnia, headaches and depression can be battled with ragi.


Soaking and sprouting-
Ragi need to soak in water for at least 12 hrs or say overnight
Do not rinse rig before soaking

After 12 hrs thoroughly wash ragi till all the dirt is removed.

Tie it in a clean cotton or cheesecloth and let it rest in a dark place for 12 hrs or overnight

Sprouts will be seen in 12 hrs, sundry it for 3-4 hours till it is properly dried.

Slightly roast it in the pan for 2 mins and grind into a fine powder.

Sift and store for months.

For non sprouted:

Wash the ragi thoroughly and take out all the excess water, sundry it, and roast.
Grind into a fine powder, sift, and store.

Ragi mudde recipe:

For 1 cup of ragi flour, you need 2 cups of water
For slurry 2 tbsps of ragi flour and 1 cup of water

From 1cup of the flour itself take, 2 tbsps of ragi flour and add a cup of water to it and make slurry.

In a pan take 2 cups of oil and add salt and ghee, once the water is hot add the slurry and keep stirring for a minute.

Add the remaining flour and keep mixing vigorously till it all comes together.

It would take 10-15mins.

Add some ghee after it’s done, and roll by dipping your hands in water alternatively.

Goes well with non-veg gravies.


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